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A Pirate trained by Assassins
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:mib: Welcome to the 4th Dimension! :mib:

:censored: WARNING: There is sexual and mature content in my gallery.

:groups: Groups:
I really only like to join groups that I know for sure I can contribute to. This is probably why I have joined so few. But I do love the groups I am a part of and thank you to the Admins of each one very much for letting me be a contributing member. ^.^

:iconthieves-of-skyrim: :iconmercerfreyfanclub: :iconelderscroll-stories: :iconskyrim-elder-scrolls: :iconvampires-of-tamriel: :iconbretons-of-tamriel: :iconnords--of--tamriel: :iconfarkas-vilkas-fc: :icondawnguard: :icontes-screenshot-guild: :iconwomenofskyrim: :iconargonians-of-tamriel: :iconpost-apocalyptic-era: :iconthe-fallout-club: :iconfallout-3-fans-unite: :iconfallout-new-vegas: :iconnew-vegas-fanclub: :iconfallout-classic: :iconhaytham-kenway: :iconconnorcreed: :iconthe-connor-files: :iconconnorline-fc: :iconabstergoindustries: :iconeagles-of-freedom: :iconcaptainedwardkenway: :iconjameskiddmaryread-ac: :iconassassins-fanart: :iconshay-cormac-fc: :icondishonoredgamegroup: :iconweworkinthedarkness: :iconclub-street-fighter: :iconcorrupted-pleasures: :iconthedragonland: :icondragons-fan-group: :iconteamsoniclovers: :iconrac-fans: :iconfansclubryc: :iconthewitcher2: :iconthewitcherfans: :iconotakuland: :iconmanga-creations: :iconanime-and-reallife: :iconanimemangavideogame: :iconsupersmashallstars: :iconpinkfloyd-group: :iconallartandstuff: :iconacceptallart: :iconall-world-works: :iconimanipulate: :icon00sweet-dreams00: :iconthe-infernal-depths: :icontwistedcreepyland: :iconmotionbooktool: :iconmadefire: :iconpoetry-all-the-time: :iconshadowpoetry: :iconthe-poetry-cafe: :iconseaofsadness-sos:

Founder of: :iconimperials-of-tamriel: :iconac4bf-edwardkenway:

Co-Admin of: :iconbrynjolf-tes:


Thank you to all of those whose deviations are in my favourites list. You guys had some awesome art work and I love each and every piece in this section. Thanks for keeping art alive ^.^



 photo Bayonetta_Animation_Gif_by_D3AFN3SS1337_1.gif


The Devil's General is a House Wife
 photo f043eb86d33ce186acd54a56d8b45a85.jpg.gif

...But he's also Bad Ass :heart:
 photo 6f5f9b14f8141deba41d73c072615fdf.gif


:love: Outstanding! :love:
 photo tumblr_ny6gd0vuuv1qa16vyo1_540.gif
 photo tumblr_ny6gd0vuuv1qa16vyo2_540.gif
 photo tumblr_ny32uaMoCr1rsntc8o2_500.gif
 photo tumblr_ny6pu8sDll1uonc29o1_500.gif


 photo tumblr_lhi45q7Jw31qcqljxo1_400_zps512bd337.gif


Duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh-Nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh Batman!

 photo tumblr_mcmt7wI1Ve1rg5uhao1_500_zps2e0ef6d4.gif


 photo 2f13389b-9b15-4d35-bb68-38124e8d540f.jpg


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United States
Thank You... by jennyleigh fictional characters stamp by ohhperttylights Female Gamer by kiddietyte DA Stamp - Rainbow by phantompanther
Batman Animated Series stamp by Bourbons3 Sonic Generations Stamp by Dbzbabe Scooby Doo Where Are You!  Fan Stamp by JRWenzel Skyrim by skinnyveestamp
Brynjolf Stamp by Isriana Haytham by Coley-sXe Haytham Kenway stamp by Tiger0329 Templars Stamp 01 by SpannedSoul
Where is Charles Lee?! by Zero-G-Raven Connor must die -icon- by Zero-G-Raven Is that s'pposed to mean somethin'? -icon- by Zero-G-Raven Edward Kenway stamp by WhiteDevil350
AC4 James Kidd Stamp by mizukimarie AC4 Mary Read Stamp by mizukimarie Shay Patrick Cormac Stamp by Destructive-Error Ser Gilmore Stamp by Verree
Alistair 1.0 by AmarieVeanne Geralt of Rivia stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Otep Stamp by SamanthaKross Murphy Pendleton Stamp by angelbebop8
Haytham fight by shatinn Alice: Madness Returns Stamp by LadyRedDarkness :iconfuckyeahamericaplz: :iconfuckwhatitalyplz:
:iconbigheartplz: :iconbatmanplz: :iconohyoudeanplz: :iconhaythamplz: :iconedwardkenwayplz: :iconskyrimbrynjolfplz: :iconseranaplz:
:iconjameskiddplz: :icontalizorahplz: :icondaandersplz: :iconbigheartplz:
:headbang:Jimi Hendrix (animation) by LatchDrom:headbang:
^^^ Courtesy of LatchDrom :iconlatchdrom:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo tumblr_mblrwcGGYO1r2cb2n_zps38fc9563.gif Photobucket

What can I say about myself that I haven't written a million gazillion times on all these other sites with a section asking you to tell them a little bit about yourself? I don't honestly know anymore but here are some things about me you might find interesting...

:bulletblue: They call me Zero G...or Raven
:bulletblack: I am a 17 year old teenager stuck in a 26 year old body.
:bulletblue: Metal, rock, techno: that's the kind of music I listen to
:bulletblack: I don't care what my teachers told me in high school, I'll draw whatever the fuck I want
:bulletblue: Speaking of which, I do a lot of different kinds of art. I'm a legitimate artist as well as a perv, so be warned! lol But I'm not ashamed!
:bulletblack: You'll notice I have a sailor's mouth...unfortunately that's just the way I speak XD
:bulletblue: The parental units are weird as most are.
:bulletblack: I fight angels and demons in my sleep...
:bulletblue: God I love to sleep
:bulletblack: Horror novels love me and vice versa
:bulletblue: Bad luck loves me, NOT vice versa
:bulletblack: Good luck hates me but I wish it didn't
:bulletblue: Thanks to denial, I'm an incredibly strong warrior who fights dragons, demons, and monsters with an enchanted sword. I'm a feared, swashbuckling pirate on the high seas who's rich with gold. And I'm an indestructible android made by the U.S government with the capabilities of destroying the entire planet.
:bulletblack: Reality is just a waste of time
:bulletblue: My imagination is bigger than the universe
:bulletblack: There is a 4th dimension on the other side of the mirror
:bulletblue: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...Did you hear that?
:bulletblack: I'm not paranoid, just eccentrically cautious
:bulletblue: I am crazy though...
:bulletblack: Pizza is delicious!
:bulletblue: Attention disfunction, Attention deficit disofficer...or was it disorder? What was I saying?
:bulletblack: I like violent video games
:bulletblue: But I like non violent video games too
:bulletblack: I consider myself a Realist. But you might call it a "pessimist".
:bulletblue: The only solution is a revolution
:bulletblack: Times are changing. Maybe I should change too...
:bulletblue: ...Then again FUCK THAT!
:bulletblack: Don't let anyone get you down!
:bulletblue: Perhaps I should listen to my own advice
:bulletblack: I was captain of a pirate ship, but you know...mutiny 'n all
:bulletblue: Procrastination I'll finish this sentence later...
:bulletblack: Being sober sux :weed:
:bulletblue: I like to use chop sticks when I eat chinese food
:bulletblack: I like to leave the room dark during the day so I can pretend I'm in the Bat cave :batman:
:bulletblue:I have a love-hate relationship with my computer
:bulletblue: Waka waka waka...Ah!!! It's Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and...Clyde? ...WTF :XD:
:bulletblack: For some reason, my boyfriend thinks the Epyon can beat the Wing Zero. :rofl:
:bulletblue: I'm sorry...just because...
:bulletblack: Maybe its all in my head >.<
Later by Zero-G-Raven
 photo silentbob_zps6326ed2a.gif Photobucket Photobucket
You never forget your first love:heart:->Photobucket


 photo tumblr_mo8j9umzk61r4ftabo1_500_1.gif


 photo tumblr_mk2vvfbZ5p1qda125o8_250.gif
 photo tumblr_mo872s3s9L1qfh4plo4_250.gif


Not most days...

:love::heart::iconinloveplz: photo tumblr_mvp63fGou81s4tk5io6_250_zpsd1e23cf4.gif:iconinloveplz::heart::love:

He'll stab ya in the back and steal yo bitch!

 photo 3mhmd3S_zpsf2bb951f.gif


 photo tumblr_mn7c1pfxPC1qfyks4o1_400_zps97aa505c.gif


Gandalf: You shall not pass!
Deadpool: Wtf?
Gandalf: Nope.
Deadpool: But-
Gandalf: Nope

 photo tumblr_mkvzleOeLf1snq75fo1_400_zps67616a67.gif


I worship Haytham Kenway....
Because he said so...

 photo tumblr_mduu8lvWHG1qisalko1_r2_500_zps020e4210.gif


 photo tumblr_mgwtvjeCp81qimk9fo1_400_zpsadb56537.gif

 photo tumblr_mj3fz6YJJC1qlwea0o1_r1_500_zps30d89fff.gif


 photo tumblr_mje7vjA7371qfekw2o3_r1_250_zps382af4f6.gif  photo tumblr_mje7vjA7371qfekw2o2_250_zps2a3fd024.gif
 photo tumblr_mje7vjA7371qfekw2o5_r1_250_zpsdd81533c.gif  photo tumblr_mje7vjA7371qfekw2o4_250_zps73d253ce.gif
 photo tumblr_mje7vjA7371qfekw2o1_r1_250_zps698d964e.gif  photo tumblr_mje7vjA7371qfekw2o6_250_zpsbbf7a81d.gif

(I do not know who wrote this beautiful poem and put these gifs together, but if you see this, please tell me who you are! I would really like to give credit to the person who came up with such a true and touching poem. It really hit home for me, and maybe one of you will find some truth in it, even find some of it is true to your own self.)


 photo tumblr_m6t6m5g66F1rysl6so1_r2_500_zps744a3349.png

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely." - Revelation 21:6

 photo tumblr_mq8y67U0U21qj2cflo2_500_zpsde1e290c.gif


 photo BillieLurk_transversal_01.gif


Kneel before the REAL Zod


 photo 972022_10151371027096082_981176761_n.jpg


 photo large.jpg


 photo kimbam.gif

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